Presenza Mindful Threads
28th March - July 2017
Lima Floral, London

Presenza is delighted to announce a new and exciting collaboration with the Michelin starred restaurant Lima Floral in Covent Garden.
The Peruvian city, Lima is filled with juxtapositions, which chef Virgilio Martinez uses as a springboard for his colourful and creative culinary delights at Lima and Lima Floral.

Marking the beginning of this collaboration we are thrilled to present Mindful Threads an exhibition featuring a selection of latest works by British artist Camilla Emson.
The exhibition brings together 20 works from the artists’ series Colour Maps and Fibrosis, which are arranged over the two floors of the restaurant.

Camilla Emson’s visually powerful and intricate works explore the transformative relationship between mind and experience.  The artist employs notions of ‘play, participation and performance’ into her multi-disciplinary practice, which she exploits to investigate and shape the ‘maps of experience’.

Fibrosis is a collection of Emson’s recent ‘sculptural paintings’ that examine new Experiential Theory relating to early life experiences. It describes how memories are ‘woven into your body, like imprints in your nervous system, forming the foundation for bonding and attachment. ‘ However the malleable nervous system can develop new pathways throughout life.’

Colour Maps is a continuation of the Fibrosis series and explores the complexity of emotion through colour and seemingly casual weaving. Colour Maps appear to be unfinished and in continuous flux, which for Emson perfectly describes how we as human beings never reach a point of completion and can forever change our course.
Her interests in the complexities of movement are drawn from her training in both Somatic Experiencing and Dance Movement Psychotherapy.

Emson’s appropriation of unfamiliar tools and processes transform her canvas-based works into sculptural paintings. The works are laden with meaning expressed through the intricate needlework and stitching that scar the canvas. Her works examine the way in which memories are ‘woven into the body, like imprints’ on the nervous system.

The ruptured surface of raw canvas lends itself as a metaphor for man's impact on the world, and its need for repair. Emson unlocks a state of imperfection and incompleteness in which humans reside exposing the fragility of both man and the world.