Gerson Zevi
13 September - 13 October 2013
United States

Every year, small numbers of art lovers take road trips to discover one of America’s best kept secrets: the Land Art of the Southwest. Whether these journeys are accomplished by car or plane, nearly all the participants travel in small groups, and at a considerable cost. As a result, these are small and unpublicized happenings that yield very little in the way of widely shared or celebrated experiences. Our trip will be different in size, scope and ambition.

The goal of the Land A.R.T is to inspire and engage a group of young artists with the landscape and artworks of the American Southwest: nurturing their creative visions by harnessing the spontaneity and vitality of the open road. Engaging with some of the most important artistic and natural sites, collections, and experiences that can be found in America today, this mobile residency program will travel a route that includes monumental works such as Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty and Walter de Maria’s Lightning Field in addition to the great museums and national parks of the West. This will be a collaborative and radical adventure, bringing together a group of around twenty individuals who will share a rare and life-changing experience, which they might otherwise never have the opportunity to encounter. We will obtain an ex-school bus and outfit it as a mobile art whose skills and knowledge will enable us to accomplish four main objectives: travel from a start point to an end point; offer expert insights with regard to the art; create works of art informed by the experience; and share the experience with the world beyond the trip. We will outwardly communicate our interpretations of the trip by encouraging the participants to create works of art, music, film, and written articles, which can be shared with the world.

As an emerging gallery with a focus on creating powerful and engaging experiences for young artists, thinkers, and collectors, Gerson Zevi is tremendously proud to present Land A.R.T. It is our hope that this trip will become part of a wonderful and lasting tradition.

The Trip


A Land Art Road Trip: a mobile residency transporting creative individuals across the American Southwest.


The trip will take place over a one-month period in Fall 2013. Although participants will be encouraged to stay for the whole month, the trip will pass near major airports on set days, about a week apart, to allow people to come and go for shorter periods, if necessary.


The group will be comprised of up to 24 participants who contribute in a substantive way to at least one of the main objectives:

Move - people who are capable of driving and maintaining our vehicles, setting up camps or arranging lodging, and preparing meals for the travellers.

Look - people who have experience engaging with and explaining the art we will see, or who are familiar with the natural landscapes and areas we will pass through.

Interpret - people who can create works of art to interpret and reflect the things we see, including visual artists, performing artists, musicians, and others who can make worthy contributions.

Share - people who can share our creations with the world, such as filmmakers, photographers, journalists, and writers.


Land Art - Spiral Jetty, Robert Smithson; Sun Tunnels, Nancy Holt; Double Negative, Michael Heizer; The Roden Crater, James Turrell; The Lightning Field, Walter de Maria; Prada Marfa, Elmgreen and Dragset.

Cities - Salt Lake City, UT; Santa Fe, NM; Marfa, TX; Houston, TX; Dallas, TX; Fort Worth, TX; Austin, TX.

Landscapes - The Bonneville Salt Flats, UT; The Valley of Fire, NV; The Grand Canyon, AZ; The Painted Desert, AZ; The White Sands, NM; Big Bend National Park, TX.