Heart as Informer performance YSP V

Gerson Zevi: The London Project Goes North | Yorkshire Sculpture Park 30.11.13 - 05.01.14



Camilla Emson's Group Process (2013) is a circular wooden bench, a sculptural object that resonates with the sound within the space. In the performance Emson will occupy the space and amplify her own heartbeat, enabling audiences to hear her body respond to their presence, creating a work that is in audible dialogue with what stands before it. The sculpture allows the possibility of an open encounter with the artist; each gap of the seat is a reminder of the openness of the process.

One can choose to share the space of the artist, a weird heart-to-heart. We often express heartbeats in number or as they zigzag across electrocardiograms, yet unless we rest our heads on another's chest, it is rare that we hear the heart embodied and respond to its wider environment.

by Ilaria Puri Purini