Sept 2017
Unit 1 Gallery, W106PT

Artists: Camilla Emson, Gui Ponde, Zoe Hoare, Adeline de Monseignat, Pablo de Laborde Lascaris, Mia Dudek, Romana Londi, Jessica Schlobohm

Curated by Tatiana Cheneviere and Giulia Vandelli

The Slow Sow
10th January 2017
Gallery 46, Whitechapel, London

I'm inviting women to participate in The Slow Sow - to create an indoor garden as a tribute to slowing down and embodied practice.


Inspried by my recent work at Solace Womensaid, a charity that supports women who have experienced domestic violence and sexual abuse. 

The House of Penelope
5th Jan - 20th Jan
Gallery 46, Whitechapel, London

curated by Alteria Art 

I'll be exhibting 'life is never completely sewn up' 2014 (reworked) 2017 and 'planticity' 2015 -17 as 'the slow sow' indoor terrarium garden.

10.01.17 The Slow Sow 6-9pm 12 women will participate in the live artwork.

18.10.17 INDULGE a collaboration with Sacred Sound artist Leo Consendai  6-9pm (booking required

An Irregular Network of Passages
PV 29th June, Open 30 June - 1st Sept 2016
Lamb Arts, Shepherd's Market, London

LAMB Arts presenta An Irregular Network of Passages,a multi­disciplinary exhibition including works by Camilla Emson, Tete de Alencar, and G.T. Pellizzi, curated by Roya Sachs. An Irregular Network of Passages explores the mental and physical pathways we traverse in routing our day to day lives, and the obstacles we encounter in doing so. The show, along with the title ­ referring to a labyrinth, invites audiences to travel through the different channels of these artists’ works.

Camilla Emson’s large scale maze­like installation is split into seven floor­to­ceiling muslin strips layered with natural dyes, capsules, pigment and thread. Referencing Greek mythology and Ariadne’s thread that helped Theseus overcome the Minotaur and find his way out of the labyrinth, Emson’s installation invites viewers to make their own path through the space, following Emson having cut the threads that tie each panel together. Emson continues, “The strange jungle like overflow of threads, and digested capsules refer to the neuroplasticity of the brain, and how the map of our brain is constantly adapting and changing depending on our environment”. Research suggests the more novel, unpredictable or rich the environment, the more our brain alters. Emson aims to display this plastic nature in a jungle form, where audiences can use their instincts to guide themselves through the space. The colours add to this rich environment and speak to different energy points of the body, evoking various senses, associations and memories ­ giving each participant a unique journey through the installation.


Art Barter Dubai
March 14-19 2016
Warehouse 60, Alserkal Avenue, Al Quoz, Dubai

ART BARTER DUBAI aims to make works more accessible to the public while questioning the notion of the art market. Having to barter also motivates the viewer to think about what they have to offer the artists that is unique. It then prods the artists to value their own work via non-monetary mechanisms as they ultimately decide which barter to accept.

The Dubai edition will feature emerging and established artists from the UAE alongside a range of international artists.

To date, Art Barter exhibitions have taken place across the world including London, Berlin, New York, Madrid, Istanbul and Mexico City, with more than 130 of all exhibited artworks (over 70%) exchanged at the end of each show.

Since its inception, Art Barter has seen over 3,600 offers made on works exhibited. Previous exchanges that have taken place include: a Tracey Emin monoprint for 30 hours of French tutoring; a Jason Dodge neon work for a week in a Scottish castle; and the shipping of artworks to Venice in exchange for a Gavin Turk screen-print.

Other offers included web design, three months of psychotherapy, a retreat in South of France, the artist’s weight in chocolate, a goldsmith’s skills, web design, three months of psychotherapy, a retreat in France, a mixtape, a bespoke piece of furniture, tickets to a Patti Smith concert and a gallop on a white horse.

The exhibition opens on the same day as Alserkal Avenue’s popular Galleries Night and will coincide with Art Week 2016, which includes Art Dubai, Design Days Dubai, the artist-led festival Sikka and a roster of other art and design events; a time when the local, regional and international arts community will be fully engaged with the city.

The Behaviour of Being
PV 29th September - October 2015
The Cob Gallery, London

In London, a recurrent topic at every social gathering of young Artists, revolves around the need to find spaces that will inspire us to create new rituals and prosperous creative processes. Today we are confronted by a series of obstacles that are for everyone, at the heart of our social and spiritual crisis. High property prices, and the lack of free communal spaces, are intrinsically linked to the impulse of encouraging a major shift in our current values. Finding these spaces, will lead to a reawakening of lost consciousness. We are moving towards the need to create strong local communities and to turn our view towards The Natural World. This is what a group of 14 Artists set out to discover at our residency, under the Algarvian sun.

The Cob Gallery and The Beekeepers in association with Mia Pfeifer invited an esteemed group of creators to explore these themes. Representing diverse artistic disciplines, including photography, performance, sculpture, painting, poetic studies and visual arts. We took them on a journey back to the land, to create a community where departing from each of their individual, creative practices, they became part of a collective project. The resulting exhibition is a joyous reflection of our environment and an ecstatic reimagining of our time together.

Bordering one of Europe's largest nature reserves, lies thirty hectares of terrain, boasting mature olives and fruit trees. There are two houses and several multifunctional structures built with the sole purpose to host creative minds. The Beekeepers located in Portugal is the brainchild of Tom Leamon, Jennifer MT White and local artist Pedro Leitao.

Pauliana Valente Pimemtel, Adeline de Monseignat, Becky Allen, Tom Leamon, Camilla Emson, Pedro Leitao, Cat Roissetter, Bea Bonafini, Paola De Ramos, Jennifer MT White, Oliver KingHeadSwim, Ben Westley Clarke and Laura Adamson.
Curated by Mia Pfeifer 

Rook and Raven presents : Infero
22 April (PV) - 10 June 2015

Rook & Raven will be presenting an exhibition examining the importance of painting within the prevailing contemporary art scene; drawing together the work of 9 emerging international artists. Predominantly working within the medium of paint, there is a sense of abstraction which appears in various manifestations constantly throughout these selected works. 

Participating artists include:
Camilla Emson, Corinne Felgate, Dale Marshall, Laurence Owen, Lucia Vera, Lucy Farley, Manuel Larralde, Tahnee Lonsdale and Vanessa Jackson.

20th November - February 2014
Slyzmud Gallery, Bonpland 721, Buenos Aires

Shapeshifters is a group exhibition examining the human condition and the different formulas of diverse concepts and ideals our contemporary culture use in search; and to ultimately reach, their perceived life enhancing strategy. The three artists shown are from three different parts of the world, each examining, through their varying practices' the mediums ideas on the physical, the self, loss of faith and alternative forms in achieving the sublime.

Slyzmud Gallery

Material Identity
9 October - 3 November 2014
Rook and Raven Gallery, London

To coincide with Frieze Art Week 2014, Rook & Raven exhibited the work of acclaimed Colombian artist, Olga de Amaral, alongside four young, female artists; Emilie Pugh, Camilla Emson, Yun-Kyung Jeong and Adeline de Monseignat. This group of emerging young artists each produced works inspired by the Colombian matriarch, exploring cultural identity and femininity through their material practise.

Material Identity is an introspective journey through the multidisciplinary practise of the artists in the exhibition, whose works explore the varied and changing cultural landscape of identity. The inherent delicacy of their works evokes a sense of balance between what is material and immaterial, between form and composition, and the physical and metaphysical.

 Rook and Raven Gallery

2nd October 2014
Horatio Jnr | London

Showing alongside Corinne Felgate and Ludovica Gioscia

Fokidos | Mixed Four
22 -31 August 2014
St.Mortiz Art Masters

An off-site project by Athens based artist-run project space Fokidos. Four emerging artists from London and Athens: Bobby Dowler, Camilla Emson, Christopher Green, Sofia Stevi, will present recent works comprising painting, sculpture and installation at the Steffani Hotel in the centre of St. Moritz.

London based artist Camilla Emson will also be displaying her social sculpture Group Process in the Plazza Paracelsus outside the Heilbad in St.Mortiz-Bad and her sewn installation Life is Never Completely Sewn Up at 9 Culögnas in Bever.

17 July 6-8pm 2014
Cook House Gallery, Chelsea College of Art and Design

MA Fine Art Chelsea in collaboration with MA Dance Movement Psychotherapy, Goldsmiths

‘Bodies never lie’ – Agnes de Miller

Visual Art and Performance. Presence and Absence. Though seemingly unrelated pairs of words, there is an intrinsic undercurrent of rhythm which connects practice based disciplines towards each other - this often brings out various connections, connotations, and inferences. All 12 artists exhibiting engage with this very undissolved threshold - a careful precipice on the edge of two disciplines (visual and performative) presenting a very subtle exchange between the various models of exaggerated expression. This kind of creative articulation which navigates between these two modes, also moves towards the masked broader question of what is real construction and what is not - what is perceived as a model of truth and what is not (in both a materialistic, philosophical and theoretical climate).
UNDISSOLVED explores this terrain which is both the point of departure and the portal of arrival - with performances, Live art, installations, sculptures, and video works which explore the subject either with the presence or the absence of the human body in them, which then becomes the ‘object’ of exploration.”


Caroline Derveaux-Berte
Verity Danbold
Ozlem Demirel
Laila Elboukhari
Abeer Elkhateb
Camilla Emson
Carolina Furtado
Mioi Nakayama
Alkiste Papadopoulou
Radhika Prabhu
Joshua Raffell
Parul Sharma

Drawing into Sculpture
May 29 - June 27, 2014
Griffin Gallery, 21 Evesham Street London W11 4AJ

Curated by Becca Pelly-Fry and Jessica Carlisle
A group exhibition focusing on the often hidden two dimensional practice of artists known mainly for their three dimensional work.

Dexter Dymoke | Corinne Felgate | Chloe McClellan
Adeline de Monseignat | Matt Moser-Clarke

THE DISORDER SERIES - Produced in collaboration with Corinne Felgate at Air Space Gallery. Using hertiage moulds salvaged from the former Spode Factory, Stoke-on-Trent

Drawing Into Sculpture is an exhibition which examines how, why, and to what … 

Future Flesh
20-28th March 2014
Gallery 223, 127-139 lower marsh street, London SE17AC

Discussion Evening 26th March 7pm

artists include: Jonny Briggs, Lauren Kelly, Floris Kaayk, Sophie Noonan, Andrea Hasler, Jpek Koprulu, Oliver Jones, Chloe and Rosser 

Future Flesh, curated by artists Jack Spencer Ashworth and Katrine Roberts, will look at how different contemporary artists are exploring the role of the physical body in the contemporary context. Using a myriad of mediums and approaches, all the work shares a concern for Flesh - the physical stuff of the body - and each piece uses material to describe flesh directly. The exhibition wishes to show how our contemporary experiences of living in the 21st Century have changed and informed the way artists have responded to art's oldest subject matter: the body; and how rapid developments in science and technology have changed our reality and, therefore, our relationship with our bodies.

28 Feb - 2 March 2014
Olympia Grand

Emerge Section

Gallery Nosco, Booth EM12

London Art Fair 2014
15-19th January 2014
Business Deisgn Centre, Islington

Lamb Arts Booth G5

Gerson Zevi
30 November 2013 - 5 January 2014
Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Heart as Informer performance at YSP

The Garden Gallery at YSP

Gerson Zevi's pop-up show, The London Project Goes North, features a selection of original 2D and sculptural work from some of today's most interesting young artists.


Freedom from Torture Auction
6pm, 13th November 2013
Studio Spaces, Unit 2, 110 Pennington Street, London E1W 2BB

Freedom from Torture is a human rights organisation that exists to enable survivors of torture and organised violence to engage in a healing process to assert their own human dignity and worth. Our concern for the health and well-being of torture survivors and their families is directed towards providing medical consultation, forensic documentation of torture, and psychological & physical therapies. It is also our mission to raise public awareness about torture and its consequences.

Freedom from Torture online

Totem: trajectories in tragedy & Triumph
PV 27th September - 26th October 2013
Air Space Gallery, 4 Broad Street, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire ST14HL

Air Space Gallery

Artists: Corinne Felgate, Camilla Emson, Florence Peake and Marcus Boyle

EXHIBITION: (PV)14 - 20 October
Framesless Gallery and Gallery Nosco at 20 Clerkenwell Green London EC1R 0DP

intimate a group exhibition of international emerging artists Peter Pumpler, Andreea Talpeanu, Felippe Moraes, Tom Leamon, Camilla Emson, Cale de Iser, Mark Davey, Charlotte Charbonnel, Peter Jecza, Lauren Seiden, Rita Grosse-Ruyken and Paul Hazelton.

The exhibition celebrates the intimacy between the artist and his materials and techniques. The choice of the material and its processing becomes the means for expressing the artist’s individual relationship with the world around. Artist and material become one.


Heart as Informer | Stop, Look, Listen! Art Licks Weekend | Performance Programme
3pm 6th October 2013
Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), 113 Bellenden Road, London SE15 4QY

Art Licks Weekend  

Magor feature in Art Licks Magazine Issue 13.

Moca Project Space

Artist participating: Giles Bailey, Sam Belinfante, Jenna Bliss & Diana Policarpo, Leah Capaldi, Beth Collar, Laura Cooper & Ian Giles, Patrick Coyle, Camilla Emson, Patrick Goddard, Jeremy Hutchison, JocJonJosch, Lina Lapelyte, Simon Linington & William Mackrell, Tom Lovelace, Jenny Moore, Karolina Raczynski, Ilona Sagar, Frances Scott, Holly Slingsby, Viktor Timofeev & Simon Werner, Angharad Williams


Stop, Look, Listen! is funded by Jerwood Charitable Foundation.



Art Rio 2013
5-8 September
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Gallery Nosco (Booth E1) presented artists: Tulío Pinto, Gabriel Netto, Lauren Seiden, Rodrigo Bueno,  Camilla Emson and Sergio Cezar


Art Space Review

Art Rio 2013

Gerson Zevi | London Project
9 July - 30th September 2013
226 Old Brompton Road, London

The London Project
A multi-day salon in London featuring works by European and American artists. 
July 9th-14th, 2013
Please contact for more information

Alma Zevi's Art Diary 

Group Show curated by Samia Calbayrac
16 May - 2 June 2013
87 Lower Marsh, Waterloo SE1 7AB

Review: Tremors

Review: Rookie Creative


The London Group: The Centenary Open 2013
14 - 24th May
The Cello Factory, 33-34 Cornwall Road, Waterloo SE1 8TJ

 The London Group

6-12 May 2013
95 Grand Street, New York

 More Info 

Studio Review by Alma Zevi

Natural Perception
17-21 April 2013
68 Dean Street, London, W1

Aretha Campbell Fine Art / Narcissus Arts.

Set within a 19th century Georgian townhouse in the heart of Soho, designed by the architect Meard in 1850, Natural Perception will address the value of these art works by blurring the distinction between exhibition and archive, art and artefact.



PV 27 / 28 March - 18 May 2013
Largo Das Artes, Rio de Janeiro

Artist include Brian House, Camilla Emson, Gabriel Netto, Micah Shippa, Marcelo Jácome, Túlio Pinto, Pablo Ferretti and Marcone Moreira 

Building Bridges
PV 15 / 16 March - 16 May 2013
Fundacion Rozenblum, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Showing with Charlotte Charbonnel, Paul Hazelton, Alexander Hoda, Marcelo Jacome and more...

Once I Was a House
Caesarea, Israel

curated by Deborah Shahar, Naomi Setton and Rei Dishon

Saturday 24 November 2012
Arteles Creative Center, Finland

Works by: 
Michelle Dicinoski (Australia),
Jennifer Pickering
Tamas Szvet
Anu Turunen
 (Finland), www
Ofri Lapid
Patrick Loan (UK), www
Emma Reeves
 (UK), Visual arts
Annabelle Craven-Jones
Camilla Emson

ArtRio 2012 International Contemporary Art Fair
12-16 September
Píer Mauá Avenida Rodrigues Alves, 10 Praça Mauá – Rio de Janeiro – Brasil

Agustina Woodgate, Mark Davey and Camilla Emson

Gallary Nosco presents 'Less is More'
Private View: 17th May - 1st June 2012
So Far, The Future, 44 Emerald Street, London WC1N 3LH

A group show with: Camilla Emson, Mark Davey, Naomi Doran, Kareem Lotfy and Micah Schippa. 

PV: 1 March 2012 6-9pm, Runs: 1-10 March 2012
Crypt Gallery, St Pancreas Church, Euston Road, NW1 2BA

Curator and artist Marinette Kaus and the Crypt Gallery present: And you, what do you worship? - A group show of 30 artists in response to David Foster Wallace 2008’s speech: 'Plain old untrendy troubles and emotions'.

The show will present young British artists that include Camilla Emson, Adeline de Monseignat, Marinette Kaus and Lee Suh 

Marinette Kaus, instigator and curator of the exhibition, says: ‘On a daily basis we make decisions to what has meaning and what doesn’t; we are looking for little truths'. What you’ll find in the Crypt is the work of artists investigating what is real and essential, 'so hidden in plain sight all around us. (David Foster Wallace)’

The Body Sublime
PV: 27 February 6.30-9pm, Runs: 28 Feb -2 March 20
The Parlour Gallery, 168 Queens Crescent, London, NW5 4DS


Private View: 20th February 6pm, 21-25 February
Frameless Gallery, 20 Clerkenwell Green, EC1R 0DP

In common with all the work in Verging is a potency of materials.  All three artists, in different ways, use the tactile engagement with materials to arouse our senses.

At first glance these materials might be seductive; warm fur, soft wool, decorative colour but they stop short of category and remain in an active sweet-spot between the uncanny and familiar, seen and felt, a painting and a incidental object.

Private view: Wednesday 9th November 6.00pm-9.00pm
The Crate, 3 Dunworth Mews, Portobello Road, W11 1LE

This work is about discovering the wisdom or depth of the body.  I am interested in our own internal alchemic potential: the transformative potential or happening that occurs inside the body.  Hillman speaks of acquiring a ‘taste for salt and blood,’ which becomes the seat of meaningful experience. For him, the salt of the body is what amplifies soulfulness.  I have photographed tear ducts using macro-lenses to expose a rare view of a common intimate part of the body.  I consider this one rare view of many common places we share as humans. 

The Crate Gallery
Press: Horst und Edeltraut  


Art Below
The London Underground

To coincide with the MA exhibition the students collaborated with Art Below to install a satellite exhibition in Kennington's Underground station. For two weeks all 18 students have work presented in 20 x A1 sized panels inside the two passenger lifts normally used for advertising thereby creating a compelling alternative gallery space. 

'The MA Show'
Private View: 14 September 2011 15 - 18 September
City & Guilds of London Art School




'Art/ Unity/ Hope'
Opening: 14 April 2011 Opens 5-8pm Sale starts at
City & Guilds of London Art School 124 Kennington Park Road, London SE11 4DJ

An Art Event to Support the Japan Earthquake/ Tsunami Relief Fund

'Inside Out'
19-20 May 2011
The Ellenborough Gallery

An inaugural exhibition at Ellenborough Park, Cheltenham. New work by Jack Spencer Ashworth and Camilla Emson.  By exploring the functions of the mind and heart, male and female and what we see and what we feel, the collaboration intends to take the viewer on a journey that fluctuates from the recognizable to the uncanny.



20 Hoxton Projects
17 February - 5 March 2011
20 Hoxton Square

'Paint me a Drink': Artists include Tracey Emin, Rolf Sachs, Camilla Emson, Adeline de Monseignat, Silvain Buffile, Lola Schnabel, Grillo Demo, Jorge Castillo, Antonio Villanueva, Mercedes Gomez-Pablos, Arya Karim Rabik, Eliana Perinat, Andres Monreal, Jaap de Vries, Nikolai Bismarck, Otto Hannover, Andres Wood, Christophe Lopez-Huici

Curated by Adam Weymouth