Steps2Recovery | A Maiyet Art Commission curated by Adam Weymouth
sewn and hand-block printed muslin suspended from copper pipes

I set up 3 block printing workshops with “Steps to Recovery” in Stoke Newington through trustee Sophie Molins to collaborate with some recovering addicts.

This collaborative first piece (that started the entire process) is the first strip you can see as you enter the more immersive part. The doorway!
The work is made up of 20 strips of 2.5 (l) x 1.5 (w) meters of muslin hemmed and suspended from copper pipe. The muslin is block printed using Indian, discarded, broken and hand-carved wooden blocks. The performative making process is repetitive and rhythmical which also comes across in the interlocking printed forms. I then use cotton and a needle I was given in India while on residency in 2012 to loop long threads through the areas of muslin unsealed by paint. The effect
is an overflowing jungle that has a dynamic and rich network / constellating map.
In my work I marry this creation of a web using malleable materials in my practice i.e. how easily new threads can be made, unmade and re-made with the billions of synaptic connections in the brain that bahbehaves similarly i.e neuropathways and neuroplasticty.
This shift is contingent on a somatic engagement — hence why my practice needs a body to make it. Hence why I have collaborated with recovering addicts (people who want to extend their map of experience beyond the narrow frame of addiction) come out of a disembodied way of living to something more real, meaningful...